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Future plans

  • Nirmala’s new idea : the success of the nurse assistant training is obvious, but it is aimed at young women who have some schooling ; on the same pattern, Vanasthali could train other needing girls from the slum areas to become efficient home helpers, able to find work in families or with isolated persons and to get some income for themselves.
  • Madhuri Purandare wrote and illustrated a beautiful book for teaching of the Marathi language ; after having presented it to several groups of teachers, she has trained a selected group of Vanasthali teachers and supervisors more thoroughly and will continue.

and also, as ever :

  • to organize on a large scale balwadi teacher training programmes up to the remote area and to imbibe in the villages with the awareness of the importance of pre-primary education. Also, to organize personality development programmes during summer and winter vacations for these teachers .
  • to start more mobile library-vans with books and educational toys. These vans will operate from one municipal school to other in eight districts : at present there are six vans.
  • to develop vocational training to women in order to enable them to start small scale industries in as many areas as possible; Somatne is working on that.
  • to develop “Health workers course” (Arogya sevika course) for girls and boys wherein after training they can get an employment as an assistant nurse, care taker for children and old people in families.
  • to start semi English medium training in Jejuri and Baramati.
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