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Some portraits


nirmala_pendharkar.jpegNirmala Pendharkar : President
sushamatai.jpgSushama Sathaye : Treasurer
bharati_tai.jpgBharati Bhide : Secretary
meena_pawar.jpegMeena Pawar : Member
maniktai.jpgManik Kotwal : Member
vrunda_gupte.jpegVrunda Gupte : Member
abhay_shah.jpegAbhay Shah : Member

Late Trustees

niramaltai.jpgNirmala Purandare : President 1981-2019
ulhas_joshi.jpgUlhas Joshi : Member

Among other personalities

2010-anita.jpgAnita is responsible for the centre VRDC of Lasalgaon.





aparna.jpgAparna  is responsible for the centre of Baramati (with a nursery school, training centre, meeting place...) ; she also spends a week each month in Udgir, a remote and destitute tribal village at the eastern border of Maharashtra, where she has formed a good local team with some local supervisors which she now can rely on. She is also responsible of the mobile library around Baramati.



kalpana.jpgKalpana is the responsible for the centre of Somatne ; she organizes training camps, as all Vanasthali supervisors do, but also conducts workshops where women can learn some handicrafts like sewing, making candles or small jewels, idols or washing powder... for local uses : this allows the women to get some income of their own and avoid going to town to get these items.


mangala_2008.jpgMangala  is in a close relation with Vanasthali for complementary activities. She runs an independent centre called “JAGRUTI” in a destitute area of Pune (the name means “awareness”) : in this place, one can find a small health centre with a physiotherapist, a sewing school with an associated workshop, nursery classes, rooms for poor students (girls) from the country.



manisha.jpgManisha is responsible for the Shrirampur area, in the Ahmenagar district. Apart from her activities with Vanasthali (training teachers), she runs a school for handicapped children.



shalaka_2007.jpgShalaka supervises the publication of the bimonthly magazine of Vanasthali which is taken in charge in turn by the local teams.




sharmila.jpgSharmila comes from Kholapur ; she is new in Pune ; she is the housekeeper of the Pune office, and is also in charge of all registers ; she prepares the meetings and visits the villages regularly.



Suchitra works in Somatné with Kalpana ; she speaks English, which is a good help while meeting foreigners. She saw Nirmala on the television once and decided to work for Vanasthali ! She teaches privately and Nirmala could give her more responsibilities.

ASCIISunanda Aglawe is the director of the only Vanasthali primary school, founded at the villagers request and with their help in Jejuri.



sunanda_nawale.jpgSunanda Nawale : has just finished a training of reading incitement with ASMAE (Sister Emmanuelle’s association) and and completes it with a meeting once a month. She coordinates the “hobby classes” in 10 public schools, shares her knowledge in reading incitement with the other teachers, so spending 4 days a week in the villages around Marval, Somatne, Talegaon. She does not teach the children but the teachers. She works in the office during the remaining days, writing reports and articles for the bimonthly. She comes from Shrirampur but now lives with her son in Pune .

There are many other workers, training the teachers, teaching the children, working for the general organization, it is difficult to describe them all.

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